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1. Good looks

Designers of cheap prescription glasses are always trying their best to follow the fashion trends, therefore the looks of the glasses changes often. Years before people avoided wearing glasses because they made them look bad because of their design. Today we have a huge selection of all kinds of glasses which you can combine with your every-day outfit and look awesome.

2. Fashionable

As I meantioned before, the glasses design is constantly changing. In the great selection you can choose from regular glasses to glasses with almost every possible colour.

3. Great selection

One of the advantages of online glasses purchasing is a great selection of glasses. Since they don't have to be put on shelves, you can see every possible model there is, as well as sizes and frames. Not only that, some online stores have an option that allows you to see how would the glasses fit on your face, which can be crucial for a purchase.

4. Way better than contact lenses

Cheap prescription glasses are a lot more simple than contact lenses. The reason is you have to spend a lot of time putting the lenses in your eyes with so much care. Not only that, you have to be careful not to get anything in your eyes, such as sand or salt so a trip to the beach became a lot more difficult than it should have been. With normal glasses you simply take them off and enjoy.

5. Lower price

Basically there is not much of a difference when you are comparing regular branded glasses and cheap prescription glasses which are bought online. The effect is the same pretty much, and in this case higher price=better quality does not apply. It is all the same, main difference is the brand and better marketing and because of that you can pay $100 more for the same glasses like the ones you would buy online.

6. Eye protection

Every day we are exposed to many things that may damage our sight. Most dangerous are UV and X-rays which can harm our eyes if we don't protect them properly. Glasses don't necessarily mean they have to have lenses in them, they can be simple protection glasses against the harmful lights that are all around us.

7. Sight correction

Cheap prescription glasses are at the top when it comes to sight correction. Whether it's nearsightedness farsightedness, inadequat pupil positioning, buying the glasses online can easily fix any of these problems for a low cost unlike the regular branded glasses.

8. Instructions are online

In order to buy glasses online you have to know a couple of things related to your sight. Firstly it's your Pupillary distance(PD), following that you have to know what is wrong with your sight. Pupillary distance can be measured at home or you can go to the local optical store and have a skilled otpician do it. Other than that, pretty much everything is on the website.

9. Easily accessible

Easy access to any glasses is one of their main advantages because all you have to do is find the matching pair and simply order them. They will be delivered in a couple of days time.

10. Local optician can be a saving grace

Even if you fail to find the matching pair of glasses, let's say the frame doesn't fit you, instead of asking for a refund or ordering new ones can cost you more time and money. This can be simply resolved by going to your local optician which can rework the frame so it matches your face for free or sometimes small fee.